Amazing Learning Teq Sdn Bhd (526394-U), a mnemonics learning center incorporated in Malaysia, is headed by two grandmasters of memory, Yip Swe Chooi and Yip Siow Hong. In addition to Malaysia, our company also provides educational consultancy services of memory techniques, AMAZING MEMORY©, to overseas like Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, India, Indonesia and etc.

     Over the years, Amazing Memory©, memory techniques developed by Amazing Learning Teq, has been taught to thousands of children and adults from all around the world. AMAZING MEMORY© has made ordinary people to learn and memorise huge amounts of information in a fun and easy way. Those who learned Amazing Memory© are including students and working adults like accountants, doctors, lawyers, engineers, school principals, teachers, businessmen, finance consultants, salesmen and so on.

     The best feature of Amazing Memory© course is having two world-class grandmaster of memory, Yip Swe Chooi and Yip Siow Hong, to continually develop and improve memory techniques and teaching methods. As a result, Amazing Memory© course would be able to suit the memory techniques to different countries, languages,contexts and demands. Even more commendable is that both Yip Swe Chooi and Yip Siow Hong have many years of teaching experiences. They have also gained experiences by taking part in world-class memory competitions, and even winned memory awards. They have met mind experts from around the world to exchange their experiences.

     The title of "Grandmasters of Memory" is awarded by a number of world-class and well-known judges (including the founder of Mindmap, Tony Buzan, and 8-time world memory champion, Dominic O'Brien). For details, please refer to the official website of the World Memory Championships.


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AMAZING MEMORY© is a course of memory techniques developed by referring to psychological studies on rules of memorising and forgetting. These memory techniques can help us to memorise huge amounts of information in our lives, studies and works. For example: foreign vocabularies, essays, names & faces, lections, product catalogues, speeches, diagrams, maps, formulas, symbols, numbers, school subjects and so on.

     Modern scientists have done memory researches on children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Cognitive psychologists have also published a large number of academic studies on the principle of learning. Amazing Memory© is a memory course based on the mentioned researches, and also learning method used by our predecessors.

     All learning is impossible without the participation of memory. British educator and philosopher Francis Bacon aptly said: "All knowledge is nothing but memory."

    In the learning process, memory plays a very important role. Learning is the process of comprehension, memorisation and application. At the beginning of the learning process, you must first obtain some basic knowledge (comprehension), and then store the knowledge in your brain (memorisation); finally, when you can integrate this knowledge and putting them together (application ). Memorisation is so important but unfortunately almost no one in school or office teach us how to memorise.

     In "Doing What Works" report, US Department of Education stated that "memory can help students to absorb and maintain information. On this basis, students can understand and reflect better. In fact, the more complex thinking activities, the more we need to quickly and accurately recall the stored knowledge."

     Modern society, in information explosion age, attach great importance to cultivate creativity, but they tend to overlook creative thinking needs to be memory-based. Whether scientific or artistic creation are completed on the basis of our own or others knowledge and experiences.

     Most people think that the most difficult and fun-killing part in the learning process is to memorise some boring but important information such as: foreign vocabularies, history, product information, articles, names and so on. However, in the Amazing Learning center, whether adults or children can be quickly and easily to remember huge amounts of information. Moreover, the class was filled with fun and laughter. It’s quite different from the traditional spoon-feeding education. Memorisation, to Amazing Memory learners, can become a kind of interest, hobby or game.

     Apart from making memorisation interesting, the benefits of learning memory tecnniques are:
1. Saving time and energy,
2. Enhancing the balanced development of your left and right brain,
3. Stimulating creativity,
4. Improving concentration,
5. Enhancing your competitiveness in the academic and work, and so on.

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